Youth & Young Adults

Youth & Young Adults

The youth and young adult ministries target 9th-grade teens all the way to young adults of age 24…

Our supervised nursery provides a safe, comfortable atmosphere for children ages six weeks to five years, so parents can give their undivided attention to worship and study of the Word. While children are in our care, we teach the Word of God on a level they can understand, preparing them to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Highway Children’s Ministry serves 1st-5th graders, and Royal Priesthood Middle School Ministry serves youth 6th-8th grade. Both have the primary goal to promote and encourage Holiness and discourage the world’s influence over children by presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ through powerful, exciting and creative avenues. Activities include worship, skits, videos, puppet shows, games, live Bible stories, craft projects, and more.

Our highly trained staff are dedicated to bringing all children to Christ using the proven Formula Five Method.

Faith: How to develop and use faith.
Family: How to love and respect family.
Favor: How to receive and walk in God’s favor.
Finance: How to give, receive, and spend money wisely.
Future: How to sow and believe for it through preparation.
Children’s Worship
Supervised and instructional worship is held every Sunday 9:00 a.m. and Wednesdays at 7 p.m.

Fun Center
“Fun in the Son” provides an atmosphere for children to experience a variety of group activities and rap sessions centered around the Word of God.

Kingdom Cafe
This is a cafe setting where children display their talent in Christ. It is complete with a wait staff.

“Joyful Noise” Children’s Choir
Within our Music & Arts Ministry, we have an active children’s choir where young voices are trained to lead others in worship and praise.

Haitian Mission
Young people are active in helping Haitian children through sponsorship, letter exchanges, support and gifts.

Be a Witness
This is an outreach program in which children are trained and encouraged to witness to friends and neighbors. Our motto is “If they are good enough to play with, they’re good enough to pray with.”


There are a number of sports and recreation events BOLCC offers and is open to young and old, boys and girls, and men and women. With sufficient coaches and support all events will test your skills and peak your interest to new possibilities and capabilities. As an outreach ministry we look for opportunities for displaying the love of Christ in all that we do.

BOLCC Eagles Sports and Recreation Ministry includes:
Coach Pitch

181 Student Ministry is provided for teenagers 9th – 12th grade to meet their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. We strive to assist the youth in firmly rooting their hearts and minds in the knowledge of God’s Word and His presence in their lives. By helping them realize their identity and potential through Christ, we help young people achieve the highest degree of excellence in every aspect of their lives, as well as take control of the temptations of Satan and live in holiness.

The College and Career Ministry are for all young adults ages 18-24 whether you’re headed to college, newlywed, or finding the right career path for your life, young adults are expected to give back to the kingdom through discipleship, mentoring, and fellowship.

Vision: Upholding the standard of holiness for this generation and beyond.

Mission Statement: Maintaining a singular focus on Jesus Christ, completely yielding our entire life to holiness and the discipleship of young adults between the ages of 18-24 & 25-35.

Salvation – Romans 10: 9-10
Daily Renewal – Romans 12: 1-2
Breaking Away from the Worldly System – I John 2: 15-17
Operating in the Fruits of the Spirit – Galatians 5: 22-23

Integrity – Actively living honestly, ethically, with high morality, and above all else, with charity.
Order – Every thought, action, and plan is to be carried out decently and in order.
Unity – Continually experiencing the move of God by operating in unity.


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