The Breath of Life Missions Ministry leads the ministry’s outreach and evangelistic efforts, serving locally and abroad. The Mission’s Ministry is comprised of Outreach, Evangelism, Community Service and International Ministry.

  • Outreach Component consists of the Nursing home & Prison Ministry:

    • Nursing Home: Men and women with the gift of mercy, reach people for Christ by committing time each month to minister in one of our community’s Elder care homes.

    • Prison Ministry: The Prison Ministry wins souls to the Lord and to take the vision and teachings of our ministry into the prison. Team members are to bring a message of hope and purpose, forgiveness and love. They will teach unity and love between fellow man that will destroy hate, prejudice and ignorance.

  • The Evangelism Component provides more than just a ride to church, but also to minister to the families of all those who ride our bus. Our emphasis will be to put love in action by providing safe and reliable bus routes to Sunday morning services. We will be able to build and develop family relationships that will increase church membership.

    • Lifestyle Evangelism takes place through evangelism to family & friends, the workplace and our neighborhoods.

    • Family & Friends- The purpose and function of Family & Friends Evangelism is to evangelize our communities one family/friend at a time until the whole graphic area has been reached.

    • Workplace-The purpose of Workplace Evangelism is to profoundly impact for Christ the local marketplace.

    • Neighborhood – The purpose of Neighborhood Evangelism is to win neighbors through the love of God shared by saints in their neighborhood.

International Missions
Haiti for more than 5 years, our church has sponsored Shabach Ministries and Jubilee Christian Academie School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Our scholarships helps provide education, food and medical care for destitute Haitian children and their families. Our scholarship program gives members and others an opportunity to assist Haitian children providing essentials for survival and an education. Sponsors receive information and updates on the progress and welfare of our Haitian brothers and sisters at Shabach Ministries and Jubilee Christian Academie School. You may sponsor either of two scholarships:

  • Premier Sponsorships – $27.00 monthly

  • Excellence Sponsorships – $20.00 monthly

Click here to sign up for sponsorships.

India Breath of Life Christian Center supports Dr. K. A. Paul and Gospel to the Unreached Millions in India. In addition to financial support, Dr. Holloway consults with Dr. Paul concerning the Body of Christ in India. Dr. Holloway has conducted crusades in India attended by more than a hundred thousand worshipers eager to hear the Word of God and receive the blessings our Lord Jesus Christ.


International Pastor’s Conferences Pastor Holloway helps spread the Word of God by helping to train pastors in developing nations. He has conducted conferences in Africa, Haiti, India, Trinidad, Pakistan and other nations.



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