Prayer Directives-February 2024

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“Pray Without Ceasing”!  

1 Thessalonians 5:17


Intercede for today’s and all upcoming services.  Thank God for people being healed, saved, baptized with the Holy Ghost, and added to the Church.  Offer thanks.


Intercede for Pastor Sammie & Sis. Addie Holloway, Pastor Howard & Sis. Sharon Moss, Minister Faye Lynch, Pastor Jason & Sis. Tiffany Nelms, Pastor Reginald & Sis. Jovan Harris, Pastor Anthony & Sis. Yvette Williams, Minister Linda Hayes, Pastor Malik & Sis. Yasmin Johnson, Minister Greg & Sis. Deborah King, Bro. Jeff & Sis Rona Smith, Minister Markevius Faulkner, Minister Yvette & Bro. Charles Barnes, and their families. 


Intercede for President Joe & First Lady Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris & Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Cabinet Members, all federal, state, and local government leaders and their families.


Intercede and give thanks for BOLCC, BOLCC members, Partners in Holiness, and their families.

Intercede for Breath of Life Preparatory Academy, Headmistress Kenya & Brother Anthony Love, faculty, staff, students, and their families.  


Intercede for the City of Memphis and the Mid-South area, Mayor Paul Young, Shelby County & Mayor Lee Harris, the people, leaders, and their families. 


Offer prayers of thanksgiving and pray in the Holy Ghost. 

Intercede for upcoming elections.  Pray that the Lord give voters wisdom to vote GOD’S CHOICES.  Pray that all elections are legal & legitimate, and no weapon formed against them shall prosper.

A Prayer For Breath of Life Christian Center

Father, in the name of Jesus, we come into your presence thanking you for Breath of Life Christian Center.  You have called us to be saints in Memphis, TN and Forrest City, AR and to bring holiness to the lives of your people around the world.  As we lift our voices in one accord, we recognize that you are God, and everything is by and for you.  We call into being those things that be not as though they were.

We thank you that we all speak the same thing; there is no division among us; we are perfectly joined together in the same mind.  Grant unto us, your representatives here, a boldness to speak your Word which you will confirm with signs following.  We thank you that we have workmen in abundance and all manner of skillful people for every manner of work.  Each department operates in excellence of ministry and intercessions.  We have in our church the ministry gifts for the edifying of this body till we all come into the unity of the faith, and the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a mature person.  None of our people will be children tossed to and from and carried about with every wind of doctrine.  We speak the truth in love.

We are a growing and witnessing body of believers becoming infinitely strong.  We have every need met.  Therefore, we meet the needs of people who come, spirit, soul, and body.  We ask for the wisdom of God in meeting these needs.  Father, we thank you for the ministry facilities that will more than meet the needs of the ministry you have called us to.  Our church is prospering financially, and we have more than enough to meet every situation.  We have everything we need to carry out your Great Commission and reach the people of the world for Jesus.  We are a people of love as love is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.  We thank you that the Word of God is living big in all of us and Jesus is Lord!  We are a supernatural church, composed of supernatural people doing supernatural things for we are laborers together with God.  We thank you for your presence among us and we lift our hands and praise your Holy Name!

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