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It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy name, O Most High.

Psalms 92:1

Here we are saints, in November 2022! Thank God, He has brought us all the way! As our nation designates the last Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day, let us designate every day as a day of THANKSGIVING!


Offer prayers of thanksgiving and intercede for today’s and all upcoming services. Thank the Lord for people being healed, saved, and baptized with the Holy Ghost. Offer prayers of thanksgiving.

Psalms 100: 4-5

Acts 2:17-18; 4:29-31

Philippians 4:19


Give thanks unto the Lord for being Jehovah-Hoseenu, the Lord our Maker and Jehovah-Rohi, The Lord our Shepherd.

Psalms 95:6-7

Psalms 23:1

Psalms 107:1-2


Give thanks unto the Lord for His goodness and His mercy.

Psalms 136:1-3

Psalms 106:1

Romans 8:26-27


Thank the Lord for our Pastoral and Ministry leaders. Give thanks and intercede for Pastor Sammie & Sis. Addie Holloway, Pastor Howard & Sis. Sharon Moss, Minister Faye Lynch, Pastor Jason & Sis. Tiffany Nelms, Pastor Reginald & Sis. Jovan Harris, Pastor Anthony & Sis. Yvette Williams, Min. Linda Hayes, Pastor Malik & Sis. Yasmin Johnson, Min. Greg & Sis Deborah King, Bro. Jeff & Sis. Rona Smith, Min. Markevius Faulkner, Min. Yvette & Bro. Charles Barnes, and their families.

I Thessalonians 5:18

Isaiah 11:2-4a; 54:13-15, 17

Romans 8:26-27


Give thanks for our children, youth and young adults. Intercede for Eagles Nest, Highway Children’s Ministry, 181 Student Ministry, and the College & Career Ministry (CCM).

Psalms 106:1; 126:3-5

Ecclesiastes 12:1

Isaiah 54:13

Matthew 18:2-4, 10

Give thanks for BOLCC members, Partners In Holiness, and their families.

Isaiah 54:13-15, 17

I Thessalonians 3:12-13

Romans 8:26-27


Give thanks for the USA and its leaders. Intercede for the election on November 8th. Offer prayers of thanksgiving and pray in The Holy Ghost.

I Timothy 2:1-4

Proverbs 21:1

I Chronicles 16:8, 24

Romans 8:26-27

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